Relatively Speaking by Peggy Murphy & Traci Taylor

Relatively Speaking  is a one act comedy telling the heartwarming story of cantankerous Aunt Ruby when she is forced to move in with her recently divorced and highly strung niece, Jillian.  While Jill is trying to launch a nutrition and yoga business,  Ruby is desperate to preserve her free spirited lifestyle.  Things get interesting when the two collide.  Taylor and Murphy hope to perform and produce this stage play in 2020.  

In the meantime, you might see Ruby and Jill on a youtube channel near you sharing tips for a healthy (or not so healthy) way of living.

Aunt Ruby and Jillian talk health and nutrition.

Aunt Ruby and Jillian talk health and nutrition.

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Traci blogs from time to time using her professional experience in the mental health field and her personal stories.  They will not only inspire and encourage you, but are sure to make you laugh.

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Ticket To A Lotto Love is a comedy play written by Traci and co-writer, Doug Decatur.  You won't believe what happens to the lives and relationships of three ordinary couples when they discover they have won the lottery

Murder and Mayhem


Traci has a killer time playing a variety of shady characters at public venues and private parties with The American Immersion Theater.  She is dying for a living and loving it.  Find out more about the company and parties in your area.

Lights, Camera, Action


Traci has done some work in films, commercials and advertising.  She loves being on set and hopes to do more in this industry.

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